The ARTIS Gallery space that recently opened in the Moscow Contemporary Art Center Winzavod has already won the hearts and minds of the audience. The Gallery is a satellite project of the ARTIS Project.

The ARTIS Gallery aims to support young artists from Moscow and all over Russia while in constant search for new artistic names. A free online version of the ARTIS Gallery collection available on the website brings you an opportunity to acquire contemporary work by unseen artists.


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Were born in 1988 in Moscow. Alexey graduated from Moscow State University of Design and Technology (the economics department), Anton graduated from Russian state social university (the marketing department). Some time later both of them finished a contemporary art school “Open studios”, a part of Moscow Museum of Modern Art. In 2016 Tvorogovy brothers won the first prize of “ART WHO ART” as “Young artists”. Live and work in Moscow. Personal and group shows: “The first snow”(Otokamae gallery, Moscow, 2015), “Art.Who.Art”(Moscow, 2015), “In the dark”(design-factory Flacon, Moscow, 2015), :Art.Who.Art”(Moscow, Bread factory № 9, 2016), «STARTinART» (К35 gallery, Moscow, 2016), «Merry-go-round» (“Zdes” gallery at Taganka, Moscow, 2016), «Affordable Art Fair» (Lomaka Gallery, London, 2017), «No explanations demanded» (, Polygraphic Workshop, Moscow, 2017), «Far away from everybody» (Winzavod art center, Artis gallery, Moscow, 2017).
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